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William Howard Taft's "Little Brown Brothers." The Philippines American War and the brutal suppression of Philippine Independence

William Howard Taft was the first American Governor-General of the Philippines when the Philippine Independence movement was brutally suppressed by the American army after the Spanish American War.

The Filipinos had an independence movement and with the defeat of the Spanish by the Americans they sought to establish an independent Philippines. The American government however decided to keep the Philippine as part of the spoils of war and waged a brutal ware of suppression against the Philippine independence movement.

The death tool of Filipinos is estimated to be 200,000.

The book, "Little Brown Brother: How the United States Purchased and Pacified the Philippine Islands at the Century's Turn," by Leon Wolff, was published in 1962 and was awarded the Francis Parker Prize by the Society of American Historians an affiliate of the American Historical Association.

It was reissued in 2001 updated and including accounts of numerous atrocities committed by U.S. Soldiers during the Philippines-American War.

It is available in both hard cover and soft cover and used copies are available.

This isn't the only book available on the topic.  Another book is "Benevolent Assimilation: The American Conquest of the Philippines, 1899-1903," by Stuart Creighton Miller, who was a professor at San Francisco State University and published by Yale University. It also is available in hard cover and soft cover and used copies. Though the used hard copies are really expensive, but the used paperback copies are quite cheap.

I just finished ordering both of them.

This is one article about William Howard Taft's administration of the Philippines.[1].pdf

This is a dissertation, "William Howard Taft and the Philippines, 1900-1921."

I am not necessarily endorsing them, but I think they are eye-opening. The whole occupation is just appalling in its racism.

For those people who always like to excuse the atrocities and behaviors of the past, I give you a speech delivered in 1899 to the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Yale University by William Graham Sumner. It was published in the Yale Law Journal, Jan. 1899.  The title is,  "The Conquest of the United States by Spain." Please no arguments about presentism. The occupation of the Philippines was understood to be an appalling idea then as it is understood to be now.  The link to the address given by Sumner is below.

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