Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Breitbart" and the Arlington Confederate Monument

Stephen K. Bannon, executive director of "Breitbart," is going to be Donald Trump's chief White House strategist according to some reports.

"Breitbart" is a publication which appears to be very much on defending Confederate monuments and flags. I am still researching them. Up to now I thought of them as another right wing fringe group and many of them defend the Confederacy or the Lost Cause.

In 2009 when a group of us wrote President Obama asking him not to send a wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument at the annual Confederate event there Ron Maxwell was the speaker.

"Breitbart" reprinted Ron Maxwell's speech made at the Arlington Confederate Monument in 2009.

This is the link to the article.

In his speech, Maxwell asserts the following:

I myself am neither a Confederate nor a neo-Confederate, whatever that means. I am simply an American — and that’s enough for me. I belong to no organizations, clubs, round-tables or societies related to the Civil War or indeed to anything else. But I will not be intimidated from speaking at memorials for Confederate or Yankee soldiers – nor silently stand by as others heap insult and scorn on anyone who does. I am no one’s mouth-piece or propagandist. I have no axe to grind or grievance to nurse. I am no more and no less than a free man.


He gave an interview in "Southern Partisan" magazine, Vol. 22 Issue No. 6, (Nov./Dec. 2002)

He contributed a movie review to "Southern Partisan," March/April 2002, Vol. 22 No. 2.

This was done after the reputation of "Southern Partisan" was generally known to the public.

Then I have this review of his anti-Muslim anti-Hispanic article in "Chronicles" magazine.

His movies are ridiculed by those who have some knowledge of history and Maxwell's movies are in my opinion neo-Confederate propaganda.

There are some reviews of "Gods and Generals."

More about Ron Maxwell.

1. Attended the 108th reunion in 2003 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

2. Announced as speaker at the Stephen D. Lee Institute meeting in 2007 in "Confederate Veteran" magazine. The Stephen D. Lee Institute is an organization of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

3. When Ron Maxwell spoke in 2009 at the Arlington Confederate Monument it was an event for which the Sons of Confederate Veterans was one of the sponsors.

An article about the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The fact that his Confederate folderol is published by "Breitbart" says  a lot about "Breitbart."

The Confederacy will be in the White House. We should ask whether the Confederate flag will be flown at the White House.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

You can now follow this blog by email. Please note new feature to the right.

Please note that to your right you can submit your email and be kept notified of postings to this blog.

I am implementing this on all my blogs.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

THIS EFFORT IS STILL ACTIVE: Letter to President in 2017.

This effort is still active. I decided that a letter to Barack Obama this year would not accomplish much. I have him on record as having continued to send the wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument.

I will be writing the next president of the United States in 2017 asking that they not send a wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument on memorial day.

This year I had to finish a paper and give a presentation on M.E. Bradford who campaigned his entire life against civil rights. I also have decided to redirect my campaign more into social media, more in to video and other active media and print will be more focused on publishing.

The side bar will be updated to provide more information about the neo-Confederate movement.

I am thinking of using Change dot Org to do the petition next year.

Monday, October 26, 2015

2011 Letter to Obama mentioned in article in "The Chronicles of Higher Education" article UPDATE:

You can read the article at this link:

I will be writing Obama in 2016 to ask him to not send a wreath to the Arlington Confederate Monument.

UPDATE: I didn't write a letter in 2016. I have been focusing on redesigning my campaign against the neo-Confederate movement. I will be writing again in 2017.

Friday, July 19, 2013

"Atlantic" magazine has article about the Arlington Confederate Monument and its denigration of Abraham Lincoln, also shows how extensively the federal government supports neo-Confederacy.

An extraordinary article at The Atlantic online at this URL:

A quote from the article:
Not far from many Confederate gravestones at Arlington, however, is an actual engraving of a motto with more bite to it. "Victrix causa diis placuit sed victa Catoni," reads an inscription on the Confederate memorial. It's a quote from the epic poem Pharsalia, written by Lucan about the Roman Civil War, and literally translated means, "the victorious cause pleased the gods, but the conquered cause pleased Cato." As Malanowski told me, "You have to know your Latin history to know they're talking about the Roman Civil War, that the dictator Julius Caesar won, and that Cato was pleased with the republicans' sacrifice." With that background in mind the inscription is "a 'fuck you' to the Union. It's that sneaky little Latin phrase essentially saying 'we were right and you were wrong, and we'll always be right and you'll always be wrong.'"
We have tried to let the public know about how the Arlington Confederate Monument has a radical anti-American theme.

The article also documents how extensively the federal government supports neo-Confederacy. The article doesn't include all the ways the federal government supports neo-Confederacy. This blog documents some of the other ways the federal government supports neo-Confederacy.

Also, in the article there is documentation how the "heritage" of the Confederate "heritage" groups contains a lot of racism.

How Hilary Herbert, head of the Arlington Confederate Monument committee previously fought against Civil Rights and aided and abetted those violent against African Americans.

Hilary Herbert headed up the committee that raised the funds and had the Arlington Confederate Monument built. He was also a white supremacist who spoke out against Civil Rights legislation and also aided and abetted those who threaten violence against African Americans.

The account is from the Confederate Veteran magazine, which was the official publication of the United Confederate Veterans, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and the Sons of Confederate Veterans and is online at this link.

The Confederate "heritage" is about defending violence against African Americans. In reading the article you can see how thrilled Confederate "heritage" activists about violently suppressing Civil Rights.

An extract from the article:

On March 11, 1875, Wagner’s Minstrels appeared in Mont­gomery. The negroes, backed up by this obnoxious bill, tried to exercise what they claimed were “their rights” by taking seats in theaters and trains alongside the whites. On this occasion they passed the word that they would buy seats in the theater with the whites, when heretofore they had always been excluded to the gallery. Wagner’s agent had instruc­tions not to sell tickets to negroes anywhere but for the gal­lery, but by some chicanery they got tickets in the dress circle among Montgomery’s fairest daughters. The question then was how to remove them without frightening the ladies. When the curtain went up, the company marched in and took their seats for the overture, Wagner sitting on the end with tambourine in hand. Casting his eyes over the audience, he saw the negroes in the dress circle, and knew at once this would never do; so he put down his tambourine, advanced to the footlights, and announced that there were negroes in the dress circle and they would please vacate and go to the gallery, where they would find good seats, and the perform­ance would commence. Well, you could have heard a pin fall; Southern men stood with bated breath ready to back Wagner. The negroes did not move. A game of bluff, but it did not count in that game. Wagner waited patiently; still the negroes made no move to vacate. Wagner left the stage and returned quickly with pistols in hand, saying to the whites: “Ladies and gentlemen, stand aside; I will clear the dress cir­cle of those colored gents.” Pandemonium reigned; men were on their feet instantly, and the negroes went out of that dress circle, kicked and cuffed, and made a hasty retreat to the street. The performance then commenced, and much praise was given “Happy Cal.”

Next day trouble commenced for Wagner, as negroes com­menced swearing out warrants for Wagner before the United States Commissioner. N. S. McAfee, of Talladega, was United States District Attorney and Capt. J. W. Dimmick was United States Commissioner. Wagner and his agent, Brown, were ably defended by Col. H. A. Herbert, Col. Tucker Sayre, Col. Virgil Murphy, judge David Clopton, all volunteering their services, and Colonel Herbert making a telling speech on the unconstitutionality of the civil rights bill. The commissioner held with the attorney, and refused to issue any more warrants. Then the negroes swore out more warrants before another commissioner, Barber by name. This threw Mont­gomery into a state of excitement. Men with stern faces and determination promised to back Wagner and see this thing through; the streets were crowded with both negroes and whites, expecting trouble any moment. Cal Wagner was in Col. Tucker Sayre’s office, which was over Blount Weatherly’s drug store, facing Court Square. He was surrounded by his friends, who were considering how to get him out of the city before the United States marshals could serve other warrants on him. Dr. Walter Jackson, who was in the drug store at the time, was called into the office to consult with them. His buggy and fast horse were standing in front of the drug store. When asked if he could not get Wagner out of the city quick, he replied: “Yes, I can get him away with lightning speed.” [Boldface added.]
The story concludes gleefully how Wagner escaped justice and his threats of violence against

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sons of Confederate Veteran webpage explains the meaning of the Arlington Confederate Monument

The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has on their web site a series of web pages which explains their understanding of the Arlington Confederate Monument. In reading the web pages you can see how the Arlington Confederate Monument enables neo-Confederacy.

The 1st webpage in the series of webpages is at:

President Obama unfortunately contributes to neo-Confederacy by endorsing the monument when he sends a wreath to it.
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